"CoWork Jax actually made me fall in love with this city again."
Amber Aultman

Coworking communities

Begin and end with their members.

And ours are pretty amazing.


We’ve watched them launch businesses, group up on projects, and form friendships. Most are doing their own thing; others are part of a team. They’ve been featured in local and national media. And we've helped over 15 companies grow into their own offices throughout Jacksonville’s Urban Core.

CoWork Jax membership gives them access to a Downtown Jacksonville workspace designed to encourage collaboration. They also get access to our online groups - a 24/7 extension of the magic that happens in our space everyday. 


The cowork jax community is over 150 people STRONG and includes:

  • designers
  • authors
  • accountants
  • marketers
  • event planners
  • photographers
  • sales representatives
  • artists
  • restauranteurs
  • teachers
  • project managers
  • CEOs
  • real estate agents
  • software developers
  • writers
  • creative directors
  • financial planners
  • public officials
  • musicians
  • nutritionists
  • pastors
  • attorneys
  • consultants
  • video producers
  • scientists
  • students
  • and more!

"I get up and meet new people... and even get referrals and get business here... I've doubled my revenue since becoming a CoWork Jax member."
Chad Shultz


Motivation to the max

Coworking provides structure, accountability, and inspiration. Our members get more done and have fun along the way.


Widen your circle

From war stories shared while working to chats in our Google Group, you’ll meet and mingle with a bunch of cool folks.


We're not a coffee shop

Stop battling super-loud espresso machines, dealing with slooooooow wifi, and fighting for that last available outlet.

Professional polish

Eliminate the scramble to find a place to host meetings and be proud to show off your office to clients.


Never stop learning

Meetups, workshops, open office hours. We host a bunch of ‘em here. We also have quite the library of books, newspapers, and magazines.

Be part of something greater

There are hundreds of thousands of people coworking around the world - each of them playing a significant role in building the future of work.


Get connected

Spend time with us and you'll naturally become familiar with people and resources to help you grow your business.

It's a hell of a deal

Join our community and enjoy our member perks for as little as $25/month. And we're much easier to write-off on taxes than your home office.

"Like home, but with a bunch of awesome people."
Joe Sampson