How We Work (aka FAQs)

 Help us add to this list by chatting with us next time you're at the space or emailing Thanks!


The art in our space is by Jacksonville's own Mark George. Most pieces are for sale. You can learn more about Mark on his Facebook page


Behavior Policy

CoWork Jax is not your usual working environment - we are a community that shares ideas, information, support, and our coworking space/"clubhouse". When you join us, you agree to the terms we've created together. We call them our Behavior Policy and you can read them here.



Thanks for your help keeping everything and everyone neat and happy!

Please take care of any messes you make. If you need them, there are cleaning supplies under the sink and vacuums in the mop closet. If you spill on the carpet or upholstery, let us know so we can take care of it.

We have cleaning service on Tuesday and Thursday nights and over the weekend.


Clients and guests

Guests are awesome and welcome. This is your office and we don’t want you to feel like you can’t have people over.

We trust that you'll know when a guest has crossed over to coworking. If someone is using a lot of our resources, they should officially join our community - giving them all the sweet perks associated with doing so. Memberships are what keeps CoWork alive and thriving. We reward referrals!


Closing the space

When you receive your key, we'll run you through what you need to know if you're the last one to leave the office. That includes:

  • Turn off any tech (projector and TVs, for example)
  • Turn off all lights
  • Set the thermostat to COOL - 80 degrees
  • Make sure the office doors are locking (wait a few seconds before checking so the magnets have time to catch)

Let Paige know if an issue arises. The quickest way to reach her is by email ( or text (904-718-4221).

Thanks for your help!



We can help you learn the ins and outs of community management, coworking as an economic development strategy, and collaborative space design. Past clients include Fortune 1000 companies, government entities, and non-profit organizations. Click here to reach out and learn more.



New to coworking and/or CoWork Jax? We recommend trying us out to see if we fit your work style.

And these are some good reads:


CoWOrkingvisa and Florida coworking passport

Through these programs, our members can work for free with participating communities. And we love hosting members of participating communities here!

To contact communities and for more info on the number and availability of free days that each one offers, visit:


Downtown Jacksonville

We love our neighborhood! That's why we're purchased Downtown Alliance memberships (value of $20/year) for all of our members. Your Downtown Alliance card gives you access to private events, discounts at local businesses, and more. Pick up your sign-up form at the front desk.

To keep up-to-date on #DTJax happenings, check out:

Downtown Is On Fire: 

Downtown Vision:

We also recommend subscribing to Downtown Vision's email list - they send updates on news, events, safety (construction projects, road closures, etc.), volunteer opportunities, and more.



Desk and staff availability can be limited so we're not able to accommodate drop-ins. You can book a Day Pass in advance here. If you will be joining us for the first time, use coupon code: firstdayfree


Email newsletters

We have two email lists.

  • Our general list receives 2 emails per month. You can subscribe here
  • Our members receive those emails PLUS a weekly update on Mondays. 



All of the events at our space are hosted by CoWork Jax members. Our calendar is here.


Getting to know fellow members

There are so many amazing folks in our community. Here are some suggestions for getting to know them:

  1. Each time you're at the space, introduce yourself to someone you've don't know yet
  2. Attend a community event
  3. Check out the member profiles and join the discussions in our Slack chat (reach out if you need an invite)
  4. Follow your fellow members and their projects online - we've collected them in this Twitter list



The word is out about our talented members! One thing we've learned over the years is that we're much better at connecting people and companies we know vs. connecting strangers.

This quote sums it up perfectly: 

"Show up, be present, engage, work hard, and court serendipity. You will be given the ability to build your reputation and sooner than later, someone is going to come to you because they know you. They have a feel for you, and they want to work with you." - George McLaughlin, coworker in Madison, WI

So spend some time coworking with us - your first day is free. Attend one of our events - some are open to everyone.

CoWork Jax members are welcome to post opportunities on our in-space bulletin board and in our Slack chat. We share those listings via social media and emails.



Members - you are welcome to borrow from and add to our collection of books, magazines, and newsletters.



Let us know if you're missing something - we'll keep an eye out! If we've found it, it's in the printer cabinet.



You're welcome to use the refrigerator and cabinets to store food and drinks. 

We recommend putting your name and date on your personal items. If you'd like to share, we recommend putting a note that says so.

Help us keep everyone happy and healthy by cleaning up spills and washing any dishes you and your guests use. 

Also, help us keep our supplies steady. For larger meetings, we ask that you provide your own drinks and snacks.

We do our best to keep everything organized and labeled. Let us know if you need help finding supplies.

And a huge thank you to everyone that replaces our water bottle!


Mail and packages

We accept mail and packages for all but our Community ($25/month) and Five Weekdays ($100/month) Members. 

Please keep us updated on all of the names and companies under which you receive mail. If we or the post office do not recognize a name, it might be returned to the sender. We'd hate for that to happen!


Meeting rooms

Use of our meeting rooms is a perk of membership. Members have free use of our meeting rooms during their day(s) in the space and can use our online booking system here.



CoWork Jax's only location is in Downtown Jacksonville. There are several other coworking spaces in our region. Check out:



Our hourly and daily parking recommendations can be found here. This is a great page to share with your visitors that might be unfamiliar with our location and/or nearby parking options.

Nearby monthly parking options include:

Forsyth Garage
Next door to CoWork Jax
$80/month plus tax
Call 904.791.9797 for details

Main and Forsyth Lot
Across the street from CoWork Jax
$80/month plus tax
Call 904.630.1399 or email for details

Yates Garage
200 E. Adams Street (about 2.5 blocks from CoWork Jax)
$50/month plus tax
Call 904.630.1399 or email for details


PrintING, COPYINg, and scanning

Use of our Canon MF6100 is free for members. 

It prints and copies in black and white. It scans to USB in color.

You must download the drivers in order to print. Most people have been able to add each printer and automatically find the drivers through their Print Dialog.

If that does not work, you can download and run the latest version of the drivers from the Canon website here or install the software using the DVD-ROM in the basket next to the printer.

If you encounter any issues with printer setup, let a team member know. We've learned many of the quirks you might encounter and we're happy to help you figure them out!

Paper, replacement toner cartridges, and user manuals can be found in the cabinet below the printers.

A FedEx Office and a UPS Store are both within 3 blocks of our space. They do a much better job with larger, more complicated, and/or color projects.



Know somebody that could benefit from coworking as much as you do? 

When a current member refers a new member, both members will receive a one-time credit equal to 10% of the new member's monthly membership rate.

Either the current member or new member must confirm the referral within 30 days of the new member's start date in order to receive any credit.

Thanks for sharing the love!



CoWork Jax members are invited to participate in our private Slack chat . Reach out if you need us to send you an invitation.

What is Slack? You can learn more about it in this New York Times article.



Please consider your fellow coworkers, our neighbors, and everyone's guests when smoking near our building. Trash must be disposed of properly.



Our 4 small Suites (starting at $850/month), and 2 large Suites (starting at $1250/month) are currently full.

If you are a CoWork Jax member, we can add you to the waiting list and keep you updated on upcoming openings.



Cleaning supplies (Clorox wipes, extra dish soap, etc.) can be found in the cabinet under the kitchen sink.

Extra kitchen supplies (coffee and related items, plastic silverware, paper towels, napkins, trash bags, etc.) can mostly be found in the lower cabinets.

Office supplies (cables, dry erase markers, ink/toner, printer paper, staples, etc.) can be found in and on top of the printer cabinets.

Restroom supplies (paper towels, soap, toilet paper) can be found in the handicap restroom. If the room is unoccupied and the door is locked, the key can be found in the broom closet across from the womens restroom.


The Team

Paige Calvert Black, Managing Director
A native of Jacksonville, Paige studied marketing, entrepreneurship, and interior design at the University of Florida. Before diving deep into the coworking world, she worked in fashion merchandising and digital strategy for some of the world’s leading brands.  Fun fact: she met her husband at CoWork Jax.                                                       

Dennis Eusebio, Founder

Elton Rivas, Founder

Varick Rosete, Founder