UDiON Foundation: Annual Fundraising and Programs Update Event

A letter from CEO Radwan Chowdhury:

“UDiON Foundation (UDiON) cordially invites you, your friends and family to our Annual Fundraising and Programs Update Event on Saturday, April 5th 2014, from 6pm to 9pm, at the CoWork Jax on 5 West Forsyth St, Suite # 200, Jacksonville, FL. The event includes complimentary dinner and refreshments for all attendees.

UDiON is a non-profit organization serving globally since 1995.  As UDiON Foundation we dedicate ourselves in helping orphans, impoverished children and abandoned kids to start new productive lives.  Even though laws exist to prohibit child labor, very little is done to eliminate it, and so the deprived children are frequently denied an education.  This in turn perpetuates poverty for the child and their family.  UDiON gives those kids their childhood back and helps them rise above the poverty level by providing effective education, personal health, and social awareness.

The main objective of this event is to reach out and join hands with the local community in our efforts to promote Education to Eliminate Poverty.  We are reaching out to our local community to create awareness about the deprived children in developing countries and also to explore the following questions collectively as a team:

Developing Countries – Why it matters to the Western Countries?

Education – How can we help as an individual and collectively as a group?

Poverty – How can we end the cycle of poverty and the exploitation of children around the world?

We seek to strengthen the ties between UDiON and the local community.  During this event, we will conduct a short presentation on the impact of our projects and programs, and we look forward to a collaborative discussion on the power of education to eliminate poverty.  We will be honored by your presence and we sincerely seek your support to keep the dreams and hopes alive in the hearts and smiles of these little faces. Your presence would serve as a great inspiration to us as well as to all of the attending dignitaries and guests. UDiON will showcase some of the best ideas in this endeavor, this is a chance to submit and contribute towards a better future for those little ones in need.

The following Dignitaries have been invited to be your MC for the evening

Ms. Melissa Ross, Producer and Host of First Coast News and Mr. Andy Johnson, Host of 1600AM

Complementary RSVP is required for headcount and your attendance at. FaceBook:

www.facebook.com/events/864525853564386 or Event Registration: www.eventbrite.com/edit?eid=10728215381

FL Times Union: http://events.jacksonville.com/event/udion-annual-projetcs-and-programs-updates

Our quest is noble, our challenge is enormous, our mission is sacred and we must not fail.  The success of this effort is dependent on leaders like you.  I hope you will accept our invitation. We respectfully look forward to your confirmation.”