Member Monday: Meet Jeff Croy!

A member of CoWork Jax since 2013, Jeff Croy is one of the many friendly faces you see on the regular in our space. But he's more than just a friendly face, there's probably a lot you don't know about Jeff yet. For starters, you might not know that Jeff has travelled the fishing. That's right; he's been to Mexico for Marlin, the Bahamas for Bonefish, Canada, Alaska, even parts of Europe! 

If you know what Jeff does for living though, the whole fly fishing bit starts to make sense. Jeff is president and founder of Yo-Fi Wellness, a portal for companies to healthy living. It's a digital platform that helps businesses and their employees have easy access to things like yoga workouts, fitness programs, nutrition content, and the like. His company is a natural reflection of his own healthy lifestyle which includes running, although he admits with a grin that his running is more walk than run these days.

Right now his company is working on servicing existing clients, but they're also working on ways to build new distribution programs and make a healthy lifestyle even more accessible to the every day working man or woman. Jeff says that he loves the energy of CoWork Jax, especially the positive environment and spirit of collaboration. Actually, he's currently collaborating with member Shannon Harper on a new software for Yo-Fi Wellness' distribution process. It's formal collaboration like that and the ability to simply turn his chair around and bounce an idea off a CoWorker that makes being a member of CoWork Jax so worth it for him and his company.

If Jeff were to write an autobiography about his life so far, he said he would title it, "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been." He married his college sweetheart and has two children who are currently enrolled at Tulane and George Washington University. He even has three rescue dogs his family adopted when they lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico. That's right, he's not a native of Jacksonville, but you can still be friends! Jeff says he loves living in Jacksonville now, especially with all the culture and growth of downtown and Riverside.  

Now that you know a bit more about your fellow member, go up and say hi! If you want to get him talking, ask about politics. Jeff said he could talk for hours about anything related to public policy and as he lovingly puts it, "the deception of the masses." That sounds like a great conversation starter if I've ever heard one.