Newbie Spotlight: Taylor Bump

Your coworking experience just got a bit larger with the addition of a new intern! My name is Taylor Bump and I'm here for you. I am starting my senior year at the University of North Florida and I dabble in a little bit of pretty much everything, but my major is International Studies. I've had the opportunity to travel to India and Israel, Honduras is next, and I'm really interested in community building, especially in the area of long-term development. I also am a busy-aholic so you can find me practicing my watercolors, volunteering at a local non-profit (Rethreaded is one of my favorites!), or running errands with one or three of my many siblings (there are nine of us total!). 

I was looking for something meaningful to do with this summer and stumbled upon this opportunity. After two years of volunteering at One Spark, this seemed like the natural (and year-round) extension of that same creative and innovative spirit that the festival embodies. I am so excited to see how the community of CoWork Jax not only works together, but also works in downtown Jacksonville and mixes with the broader community of Jacksonville. I imagine it's a challenge to bring together such a diverse group of people within the walls of CoWork Jax, but it is also a great reflection of the city at large, and that kind of relationship building is exactly what I hope to do in the future!

So don't be alarmed by the red-head at the front desk, it's just me. I will be working on social media, and daily keep-the-show-moving tasks, but I also would love to hear from you about new events or community building projects, so please stop by! It's going to be fun, y'all.