Newbie Spotlight: Mark Judson

You may have guessed from the title, but in case you didn't catch it, my name is Mark Judson. I am a returning student at the University of North Florida; a junior in the Multimedia Journalism program. This semester I will be one of the new intern faces you see around the CoWork Jax space. While not in the offices here you will most likely find me wandering around the Riverside area, at a local event, or hanging around any place that hosts original music. 

I have been a resident of Jacksonville since the summer of 2001 and have since adopted it as my hometown. Growing up I was one of the folks that felt Jacksonville was stale and unexciting; I dreamed of moving away. I did just that. I traveled the States and eventually moved to Tampa to attend the University of South Florida. Before I left, I had already begun to uncover the progressive growth and new direction the town was taking. One week I returned home to Jacksonville on two separate occasions and realized I needed to be back in the Bold City. 

Upon my return to Jacksonville, I became involved with local events, happenings, organizations, businesses, anything and everything Jacksonville. While attending an Art Walk one month, I stumbled upon the first stages of an upcoming project known as One Spark. Through the One Spark community, I was introduced to CoWork Jax and their workspace concept, a concept I was unaware of at the time. Fast forward a couple of years to a late night of "being productive" online which consisted of mostly scrolling through social media and stumbling upon an Instagram post from CoWork Jax seeking interns. Collaboration, endless learning, and a passion to build were concepts of not only CoWork Jax but the city in general; I had to be involved.

Over the years, I have found myself involved with many happenings throughout this city and this is my next leap forward in progressing. I look forward to working with a number of innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, and people simply excited to break new ground in an emerging city. I might not know my next steps, but I promise you will see my face wandering Jacksonville for quite some time.