Newbie Spotlight: Kayla Hughes

Hello! My name is Kayla Hughes. I am a new intern for CoWork Jax this spring and a very recent University of North Florida graduate. Majoring in Sociology and Religious Studies, it is easy to say people watching and having deep discussions are my favorite past times. I'm pretty much the smoothest person ever (joke) and can find anything to be something to laugh at. I'm utterly obsessed with anything bringing a positive image to Downtown Jacksonville; along with Narwhals (yes, they are real), travel, science, culture, photography, fashion, rock climbing, food, and my pit bull. I was born and raised in Jacksonville but have moved all over. So, I find a lot of sub-hubs in the city as home. 

I will always be looking for new experiences and learn as much as possible; which is what brought me to CoWork. I wish to fulfill my passion in developing the downtown area. I feel like the skills you learn with sociology can be applied to a vast amount of industries. Understanding the function of society and how individuals behave is most important in urban settings. I look for opportunities to surround myself with various cultures and enjoy each door that opens to new experiences with individuals. So! I am very excited to be part of the CoWork team.