Member Monday: Meet Christopher Kennelly!

Do you have a nickname?  

I guess, Chris

Where are you from?  

Cheshire, Connecticut

What is the company you work for and your role?

The company is Kennetic productions. I am the CEO and executive producer

What is your current project?

We have a lot going on; we have the CoWork Jax Documentary, Chartwells Farm to School Program, an Everbank skiing sponsorship in Vail, Colorado, another one on political candidates in Memphis, Tennessee and we are constantly working on things with F.I.S.

Do you have an end of year goal?   

I would say have 50% revenue growth and to take over Jax

What are your special talents?

Professionally: I am really good at talking with a client who has an idea in their head and transform it into a finished video project.

Personal: I golf, I am a crazy dancer dad, and I use to be really good at kickball but I’m not anymore

Number one thing on your bucket list?

Oh, I really would like to go to Yellow Stone National Park

What is your favorite quote?

“Never look down on a man unless you are letting him up” -Rev Jesse Jackson

Do you have a motivational song?  

“Fight to win” by Goodie Mob