The financial benefits of coworking

When people discuss coworking, they often mention the social benefits - how it's a great way to stave off loneliness, build a network, and find motivation and support.

These benefits have a positive impact on pocketbooks. According to the Global Coworking Study, coworkers often see an increase in self-confidence, productivity... and income!

At the same time that coworking is helping your business to grow, it's also helping you save expenses. We've listed some of those financial benefits below:


Your membership is easier to write-off than your home office or all those coffee receipts.

"The IRS is (rightfully) pretty strict about home office write-offs. A monthly coworking space is an easy, 100% tax-deductible way to claim an office without doing the math on how much those 3 square feet of your apartment that you work in is worth."
- The Freelancers Union blog


By prepaying you save not once, but twice!

CoWork Jax offers a 10% discount on our 6-month prepaid plans. Click here to learn more.

Prepaid memberships also help you save on your annual taxes.

"Most individuals, sole proprietors, and small corporations use the cash basis method of accounting. Income is reported in the year received and deductions are taken in the year they were actually paid. Therefore, by prepaying for rent or any other business deductions, the deduction can be taken in the year paid."
Chad Shultz, CPA (and CoWork Jax member)


There are no hidden costs.

Unlike many workspace providers, CoWork Jax does not charge extra for wifi, meeting rooms, printing, or coffee... we could go on. And unlike commercial leases, you don't need to consider extra costs such as CAM fees, utilities, insurance, taxes, or furniture... again, we could go on.

"A coworking space is a great option for those looking to work outside the office, but bundle all the costs together for a monthly fee."
- The Venture X (coworking space in Naples, FL) blog


There are tons of membership perks.

CoWork Jax membership includes membership in the Downtown Alliance ($20 value) with access to private events (such as the Eat Up Downtown preview) and discounts at over 40 local restaurants, bars, and businesses.

And in September 2014 alone, members have free admission to:

Click here to check out more of our perks. We're constantly adding to the list and open to suggestions.


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