CoWork Jax Community Meeting: July 2014


Members: Willie Jackson (W3 EDGE), Noel Wurst (Skytap), Rachel Bauer (Education Advocates), Brittany Grunst (Yo-Fi Wellness), Ethan Gregory (Allison James Estates), Chris Brodt (Aptvue), Greg Bruce (Epta Solutions), Paige Calvert (CoWork Jax), Mychael Taylor (CoWork Jax), Crystal Pino (CoWork Jax)

Guest: Isaac Amaya (Alert the Boss)


  • Thank you to Noel for lunch. Learn more at @GoodGraciousBBQ on Twitter.
  • New Membership Options - see
  • New Policies - see
  • New Printer - up and running!
  • New Billing System - will be migrating you over the next month. We might contact you to update your information. Thanks for your patience!
  • Referral Program - both you and the new member receive credit towards membership payments… up to $125/person/month
  • Openings - we have 3 Dedicated Desks and 1 Innovation Suite ready for new members
  • Downtown Vision Alliance - all CoWork Jax members are now members of this neighborhood association with lots of perks. Stop by to grab your card!
  • #whycowork - we are making a commitment to share more of your stories. Let us know if you are interested in being featured in the press or in a new video we are shooting
  • Upcoming Events - see
  • Extra Life Event - 50-75 people would like to take over the space for this charity gaming event on Saturday, October 25 for 12 hours. Would this be welcome? Or a disturbance? Let us know.


The CoWork Jax team promises to communicate the difference between coworking and dedicated spots with members and guests.

Greg Bruce mentioned a couple of resources. Want to learn more? He’s in the space often during the week or can be reached at

  • Looking for an intern? Consider an international student that is focusing on small business from FSCJ.
  • Stay tuned for an annoucement from the JAXChamber about a new, non-traditional funding opportunity.

Several members requested healthy snacks. If you have any requests, or know of somebody that could sponsor their purchase, let Paige know.

The next Community Meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 6 at 4:30PM during Free CoWorking Day. Invite your friends and colleagues.