CoWork Jax Community Meeting: June 2014

Community Meeting: June 4, 2014

Thanks to everyone that attended last Wednesday’s Community Meeting and to Sam Leyton for providing the Bold City beer AND to Urban Grind for providing the coffee for Free CoWorking Day!

Here is what we discussed – and for those that attended, there’s a couple of new items at the bottom. We welcome additional feedback and suggestions from all of you.

The Global Coworking Community

Check out, a new online magazine “by and for the coworking community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals, artists, makers, and collaborators around the world."

Our New Intern

Next time you stop by, say hello to Crystal!


We have purchased a replacement color printer/copier/scanner that will arrive Friday, June 6. (It's here!)

Referral Program

Based on the discussion, we are looking to launch a program similar to this one:

Please post or send us any additional feedback and suggestions. We will be posting the final details when we launch our new website next week. Thanks!

Innovation Suite/Dedicated Desk Waiting List

Based on the discussion, we are looking at the following changes to the waiting list procedure. 

•   The waiting lists will be publicly posted in the space.

•   When a spot opens up, priority will be given to people that have been members from the time they joined the list.

•   We will check in with everyone on the list once per quarter (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct), confirming that they wish to remain. If we do not hear back within a week, we will remove them from the list.

•   In order to bring the price of the spots in line with their value, we have been raising them each time they come available. You are guaranteed the price of the spot at the time you join the waiting list until the next quarterly check-in. Price changes will be announced in the check-in email.

Please post or send us any additional feedback and suggestions. We will be posting the updated procedure when we launch our new website next week. Thanks!

Keyholding and Security and New Membership Options

As the space becomes more popular on nights and weekends, we are adding new memberships to cater to that crowd ($125 for nights only or weekends only). Based on our discussion, that brings concerns about security in the space after-hours. 

•   We are researching cameras for the front door

•   We are looking at the following changes to the process of receiving keys: 

  • A waiting-period/required number of days spent in the space/background check before you can receive keys
  • Potential keyholders would be required to attend a Monthly Town Hall or Member Lunch (we’d like to begin hosting those again!)
  •  What about potential keyholders that are already well-known by much of the community? Is there a fair way to bypass the waiting period? Require more signatures?

Please post or send us any additional feedback and suggestions. We will be posting the updated procedure when we launch our new website next week. Thanks!

New Billing System

We are in the process of switching to a new billing system that will relieve a lot of our headaches (and is less expensive too!). Along with this switch, we will be shifting everyone’s renewal dates to either the 1st or 15th. More details to come next week. Thanks for your patience!

Keep Us in the Loop

We want CoWork Jax to be around when you need us - hopefully that’s a looooong time. :) It’s better for everyone when we know of any membership changes you’re considering as soon as possible - and definitely at least 5 working days in advance.

We also don’t want to hound you for payments, so we are introducing late fees:

•   1 week late = 10% of membership charged in late fee (ie: CoWorkers’ late fee is $20)         

•   2 weeks late = keyfob deactivated              

•   next renewal date = membership cancelled(dedicated spot will be cleared)

New Locations

The Barnett - our members will be among the first to know when construction starts and will be very much in the loop as it progresses. Move-in is projected for Late 2015.

The Beach - please share this survey with anyone who might be interested. Thanks!

Potential Amenity

Let us know if you would be interested in a Device Lab – a library of phones, tablets, computers, etc. with licensed software that would allow developers and designers to create and test apps, sites, media, etc. on a variety of platforms.

All-day Saturday Event in October

The local Extra Life committee and the Childrens Miracle Network have inquired about using our space for the entire day (12-14 hours) on October 25. Because the space is seeing more activity on the weekends, and Extra Life is family-friendly and involves noisy video games, we’d like your feedback on whether this would be a welcome event or a disturbance.

Thanks for being awesome!

Spread the word of our 5 open Dedicated Desks. :) Our next Community Meeting will be Wednesday July 2.