Coworking Visa: It's a thing

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to fly to Chicago with a few friends, and decided to visit coworking spaces while in the area. Looking up coworking spaces was easier than I thought, which is why I'm sharing a 4 step guide with my fellow travelers and coworkers:

Step 1: Using the good ole' internet, visit the Coworking Wiki.

This website has all kinds of resources for anyone interested in the history of coworking, studies done on coworking, coworking in the media, and the magical passport called "The Coworking Visa," which brings me to Step 2...

Step 2: If you're a CoWork Jax member, take note, you also have a coworking visa.

A coworking visa allows you access to over 450 coworking spaces around the world free of charge. Now, there are a few guidelines, like letting the coworking space you're visiting know that you'll be dropping by ahead of time. In your email, it's also best to let the space know your needs: how many days you'll be staying (maximum is 3), and if you are in need of a meeting room. Every space is different, but you can find them all on the wiki page I was telling you about. If you're a visual person (like me), visit

Step 3: Visit coworking space, and brag to all your friends back home.

After you've had a conversation with the coworking space, your next step is to show up. Besides airfare, packing, and booking your hotel room, you are good to go!  Personally, I just hopped from space to space to chat with fellow community managers and had a great time doing it, not to mention all the awesome insider "local spots" I was recommended while chatting with fellow community mangers. That alone is worth millions. I don't know about you, but I would rather skip the touristy restaurants and bars. :)

Click through the photos below to see all my iphone quality photos.

Step 4: Repeat.

In the future, you can travel with ease knowing that your next coworking space equipped with a kick ass community is only an email away; thanks to your handy-dandy coworking visa. Next up for me: Global Coworking Unconference Conference in Kansas City, MO A.K.A. Juicy. So yes, I'll be visiting more coworking spaces in the very near future. #blessed

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Coworking Spaces I visited in Chicago, IL (THANK YOU ALL!):


Grind LaSalle


P.S. Here's a map of all the spaces our members have visited, and other coworking spaces that have visited us!