Dear public officials and candidates:

While many of you have visited us over the years, very few of you have taken the time to truly experience coworking. 

Here's why you - a current or future official - need to come work with us.


You'll see the future of our economy.

The number of solopreneurs in the U.S. grew 12.5% from 2011-2014. Our country's overall labor force only grew 1.1% in that time period. By the year 2020, 40% of American workers will be independent.

This blog post, from a former economic development manager/current owner of several coworking spaces in California, is a must-read.

"We realized after chasing a lot of companies that instead of attracting one 200 person business, we should attract 200 one-person businesses. The economic impact is bigger, and some of those businesses will grow."


You'll experience an open, collaborative way of working.

Coworkers are more confident, more productive, and less isolated. If our government was run this way, you would see an increase in trust, efficiency, and participation.

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You'll connect with people that want to improve where they live.

Most CoWork Jax members have the flexibility to live and grow their business anywhere - and they've chosen Northeast Florida. They have a stake in our region's future. And as successful independents and entrepreneurs, they've proven their talent and drive. Imagine what can be accomplished when you team up with such a group.


Have we peaked your curiosity? Email to set up your coworking day.