Member Monday: Meet Erin Colledge!

Erin Colledge
Executive Director of Do Something Great Today Foundation

Erin Colledge is one of the newest members of the CoWork Jax community! Erin works as the Executive Director of the Do Something Great Today Foundation and she uses CoWork Jax as her office. Do Something Great Today is a movement to engage and empower people to give to the causes they care about most. Currently, the foundation is creating a new platform to close the gap between good intentions and everyday greatness.

Erin tells us, “We are currently making an app that makes giving fun, easy and top of mind.” The app is designed to give donors the best user experience possible, by giving back each day, based on each app user’s preferences. Users make network profiles which enables them to give money to their favorite organizations, track their volunteer hours, stay up to date with their favorite organizations, add friends that share the same interests and follow their activity. Over time, users create an “impact map,” making the donation experience fun and easy. The best part about the app is that there is no transaction fee. One hundred percent of your donation goes towards the non-profit of your choice.

However, Erin’s career was not always in technology. Erin attended Princeton University and began working on Wall Street as an investment banker upon graduation. After a few years, she decided to ditch Wall Street and move back to Jacksonville to be closer to her family. After Erin moved back to Jacksonville, she started working for Black Diamond, a cloud-based portfolio management platform. Three years later, Black Diamond’s CEO, Reed Colley, and founder of Do Something Great Today, offered her a position at the foundation.

When asked what her biggest roadblock in her life has been so far, she said leaving her investment banking job in NYC and moving back to Jacksonville. “There was no clear path. I totally had to reinvent myself, find a new career. It is the best move I have ever made, but the career change was definitely the biggest, ‘what the heck am I doing’ thing for me.

Erin and her fellow CoWorkers, Tracy Trousey and Eric Higginbotham share an Innovation Suite here at CoWork Jax. Erin told us, “I love to see a new set of faces every day, the awesome floor plan and the group functions that CoWorkers can take advantage of. There is such a wealth of experience.” Her goal in life is to “do as much good as possible” and we think she’s doing a pretty good job at it.