Member Monday: Meet Radwan Chowdhury!

Radwan Chowdhury
Founder & CEO of UDiON Foundation

Radwan can usually be found, with a warm smile, working in one of the various corners of CoWork Jax.  He frequently exercises our unlimited refill policy on coffee and puts great use to our MediaScape meeting room.

When asked what his favorite part about CoWork Jax is he told us, “All the people. It is a very open environment. This is my first coworking experience and I love it. You have people of all professions. Real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, marketers and you can get help with anything! Everyone is very helpful, it is very casual, open and affordable.”

Radwan is the founder and CEO of UDiON Foundation. The UDiON Foundation is a globally focused charity organization that works to improve the health and wellbeing of children living in poverty in under-developed nations through the use of innovative, effective, measurable programs with equitable resources. UDiON has built orphanage homes, UDiON schools (where school is not available), technology centers (to teach children basic computing skills, graphic design and HTML coding), and created Sanitation and De-worming Prevention Education Programs. Radwan has told us he wants to create a clean water program in the future, so stay tuned.

He strongly believes that all of us have an obligation to educate and empower our community. Radwan’s goal is to lead the trail for the next generations to come.

Radwan reminds us to take on big goals and even bigger challenges. He is making a huge impact in our community and our world daily. We are honored that Radwan chooses to do so from CoWork Jax.