What it means to be a CoWork Jax keyholder

CoWork Jax keyholders are integral to our community. Often, they're the ones making the first batch of coffee in the morning and making sure lights and air conditioning are turned down each night. Keyholders are also responsible for most of the events on our calendar - we love being able to provide them with a venue to share their passions with others.

If you've visited our space, you know how open it is - both in the way it's designed and in the times it's accessible. Early on, our members told us that their #1 concern was that they knew and trusted who was allowed to be here after-hours. 

With that in mind, we proposed a keyholding process similar to that used at Indy Hall in Philadelphia, The Salt Mines in Columbus, OH, and many other coworking communities around the world.

  1. Spend a few days working here. You'll meet some folks, become familiar with how we work around here, and confirm that CoWork Jax fits your work style.
  2. Attend a member event. We've listed them on our calendar here. These are opportunities to introduce yourself to a large gathering of your CoWorkers.
  3. Along with agreeing with our Behavior Policy, a Key + Access Form must be signed by yourself and 2 current keyholders. The three signatures symbolize a set of CoWorkers that know and trust each other - how cool is that?!

In short, our keyholding members are a pretty big deal. We can't thank them enough for the care they have for and contributions they make to our community!